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Sunday, 25 December 2011


 the BEST MOVIE I've seen in 2011!

At first, de reason I watched dis movie is KANG SORA.

who is KANG SORA??

she's de one who married to LEETUK of SUPER JUNIOR.
well of coz in WGM only.

dis is de pic of her.

pretty rite? ^,^

when she loose her mind!
: P

below is de DIMPLE COUPLE!
perfect for each other.

well enough with them.

I want to tell about SUNNY.,
d best movie I ever seen dis year.

 Dis story about FRIENDSHIP dat neva die.
how they protect each other till the end. 
it just touch my heart.
well, you hav to watch the story then u know wat i'm talking bout.

dis is the scene where they practise their performance.

present u the SUNNY!! 

waaahhh.., KANG SORA in de middle. 

I personally like her character in this movie.
(well., it's kinda reflect me when I'm in my schooldays)

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hana Melissa !!

I want to introduce my newborn niece!

Finally ! I managed to capture her pics after wait for 1 whole week!

My niece is HANA MELISSA. ( nice name rite?! )

juz lovely as de person.


de backview of my lovely niece!

i juz HEART her!

even sweeter when she sleep!


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