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Saturday, 14 April 2012


because of EST's coursework, 
we had to do an adaptation for William Shakespeare's KING LEAR.

after for 2/3 weeks of practicing, 
we've DONE our drama yesterday! 

FYI, I am one of the cast play GONERIL's role!
and I'm sound manager's assistant
: P

TESL R2's cast with Sir Cammy!!

The Gonerilsss!!

with rumet yg pgg watak maid.Cordelia.Curan.

and Congrats too to TESL R1 who had done the same play one day b4 us!

u guys had done a great job too!
: D

Monday, 9 April 2012


I think I just FALL in LOVE with U.

why u make such a wonderful songs?
River Flows In You.
Kiss The Rain.

I just LOVE these two song that u've played.
I think I will fall in LOVE with whoever plays these songs.

Eventhough, I already 'berpunye'..
but SORRY ye bang, : P
I definitely will fall in LOVE with the person who plays them!

With the soothing & relaxing songs,
U sit beside the player while enjoying the songs.
awwwww.. so sweet!

I mean think bout it!
who're willing to reject them?
I know I'm NOT!

FYI, I writes this post while listening to River Flows In You! (",)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hepy Birthday!! :D

Hepy Birthday to Muhammad Zahin Zuhayr!

mesti wondering an sape bdk nie.
adik bru aq ke? ank ke?
pfft. haha.

Muhammad Zahin Zuhayr nie adik kpd Naam Fiqa Tamira Dsowing.
my daughter tuu~


dah SETAHUN pon umo die.
mintk2 dpt jumpe ini budk. 
slalu dgr cite je psl die.

*teringat kat my niece; HANA MELISSA. : /
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