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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

happy birthday to u!


It's FEBRUARY! yeah~ D reason  I'm dis hepy is not bcoz of  Valentine's Day okeyh?., It's my Lil'Brother n my room8 bday. hehe. My brother who born on 15/02/1995 is 17 y/o dis year! and my room8 who is 1 year older than me celebrated her 20th bday this year., Congrates to both of you my dearest!.

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Both of You!
Happy birthday to you~~~

*I don't hav money at d moment. so, I just give u dis larh*

Speech 4 adeq!
# Don't forget to Pray to Allah!
# Learn! This year u hav SPM!
# Don't be SECRETIVE! I only know 'bout u through IBU!
# Lose some weight! ^.^
# Eat healthy food! DON'T ALWAYS EAT MAGGI!
# Take care of your Health.
# Be a good Brother
# Lastly, I LOVE U! 
p/s : I give ur present when I reach home okeyh?.


Next, to my room8! hehe.,
# Ina. Even though we just knew for less than a year, but I'm really greatfull to hav u in my life!
# U change me little by little.
# Actually, it's my first time to hav a friend whose older than me yet I just call u INA.
# I guess no one ever 'tegur' me directly just like u did.
*It's a compliment ok?.,*
# U give tips on boys (hehe) & etc.
# Haish.. How I'm gonna say this?
# Hmm., I'm Just Grateful To Have You In MY Life!
easy~ hehe., :)

Ina! Love u! :)


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